Talk Texas Oil with Permian Road Safety Coalition | Katherine Stokes 

Katherine Stokes is taking the show on the road in beautiful West Texas to Talk Texas Oil and Permian Road Safety.

Katherine Stokes, Executive Director of WTxEC and PRSC Steering Committee member aims to implement top industry safety standards and awareness through education and advocacy.

The energy industry has safety embedded in the culture being a high-risk career with high-intensity work environments. The PRSC is a safety resource network for industry leaders, safety experts, and oil and gas professionals.

The Steering Committee sets long-term strategies and implements the Coalitions concepts. As the energy sector gears up for heavier traffic and workloads, The PRSC is focused on increasing safety concepts for the oil family and the community.

The Permian Road Safety Coalition’s monthly forums are designed to engage and influence safety standards across the industry.

Register for the PRSC meetings via the calendar of events link below or on the PRSC homepage. We hope to see you there!

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150 Oil Companies Talk Road Safety

Representatives Met Thursday to Discuss Road Safety Concerns in the Industry. It is a topic that is often skipped over; fatigued driving.

But it was a focus at The Permian Basin Road Safety Coalition luncheon Thursday. Reeves County Civic Center hosted 150 different representatives from oil companies large and small.

With oil picking back up in the Basin, experts say it’s common for drivers to work long hours.
This is a concern for Guy Moon, Safety Manager of Enerserv, who believes that if a person is tired enough, their normal functions like being alert begins to stop working.


” When an individual is tired enough, their eyes are going to shut down and their body is going to shut down. For some time now there have been DOT laws in place for fatigue, driving hours, rest periods and things of that nature but there isn’t really anything specifically in the law books for fatigue for non-DOT vehicles,” Moon said.
In some cases when workers have 10 hours or more work days, they become at risk.

Experts say the meeting in Pecos was a step in the right direction, but they are still waiting on a response in the form of legislation from lawmakers.

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