Talk Texas Oil with Oilfield Christian Fellowship 


70 or more live viewers watched this interview on the #octgpro network!

We know their reputation. They care about the human side of our industry and they know Oil and Gas is a demanding lifestyle! It takes 100 percent of your mind, body, and spirit! Ongoing Deadlines and pressures to develop a vital energy source!

This group loves the oil community and is willing to be spiritually vulnerable and visit with you about life issues like marriage, work pressures, addiction, parenting and other topics!

Inside all of that FR clothing is a beating heart that wants peace and to know God! So oil and gas professionals volunteer their time across the nation to share God’s love with you! The group is non-denominational.

Email this group and join a luncheon! We are sharing the list of meetings through TalkTexasOil!

Kimberly Ann Smith #permianlandgirl & #kristenoctg