#TalkTexasOil at The Petroleum Museum | Permian  Basin 

Talk Texas Oil at The Petroleum Museum


Talk Texas Oil visits the historical Petroleum Museum in Midland, Texas. 

Talk Texas Oil | The Petroleum Museum:

We toured the museum with Janet Williams Pollard, Graham Pollard, and Walter E. King owner of King Oil and Resources Company.  It was truly inspiring to be among their personal  oilfield family history and risk taking stories.  The Petroleum Museum features 230 million years of history in the Permian Reef.

The museum features Top Pioneer Clayton Williams, highlighting The Santa Rita well and Janet Williams Pollard, & Graham Pollard’s family oil and gas legacy. To say that they are proud would be too vague, it is their story. But, they are humbled by the efforts before them however, tenacity and success is in the bloodline because they continue to lead in business.

Harsh Country Hard Times
Janet Williams Pollard

The Permian reef recreation at the museum gave the perfect opportunity for Mr. Walter King to explain his oil and gas exploration expertise for upstream drilling and production. I was able to broadcast the experience and learned a lot about the process of drilling into the reefs and through replicas and the first and now retired oil tools.  Growing up in an oilfield family business, Walter King also has his King family legacy in oil discoveries and their steel oil drilling tools are on solid display at the museum to educate and inspire.
Talk Texas Oil Field Family Businesses Baby!!  #drillbabydrill














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