#TalkTexasOil Press Release

Houston, Texas – #TalkTexasOil Campaign has been launched across the nation to highlight Texas Oil and it’s players. Oil & gas professionals serving in various roles will host the first live global broadcast on social media. Experts throughout the world of social media, radio, podcasts and other media outlets will join the first live global broadcast focusing on oil on @periscopetv in multiple cities on January 20, 2017, the same day as #trumpinaugural.

#TalkTexasOil will focus on the ‘talk around the water cooler’ about what may happen in 2017, strengths of Texas oil professionals across the world, discuss recent mergers & acquisition, stacked pay zones of the Permian, and last but not least discuss the recent political topics which impact the energy policies.
• 9:00 am CST – (@permianlandgirl) Kimberly Smith, owner of Development Resources and radio voice/oil publicist, has a series of podcasts on SoundCloud, for mineral education and promoting the Permian Basin. Her expertise is land and mineral acquisition, investing in Permian Oil Properties and oil and gas minerals. Kimberly is a graduate of Baylor University and combined her background in advocacy and fundraising to educate and promote oil. She has spent a decade working in West Texas courthouses exploring mineral rights and oil production.
• 10:00 am CST – (@octgpro) Kristen Cartmill, Communications Director at R&D Pipe Company |octg.net in Spring, Texas, works at the national level to share the values, principles, rigors, and lifestyles of oil professionals on social media platforms. Her passion is to promote oil country tubular goods, the oil and gas industry, US production, an independent energy and her family owned O&G businesses.

• 4:00 pm CST – (@rbjournals) Rich Bradbury is has traveled the US and internationally bringing his in depth knowledge about the agricultural industry, cattle, and oil to many. His knowledge of natural resources is extremely valuable to multiple industries. He also hosts a podcast called ‘Dirt Simple’. Rich will host Janet Pollard, author of ‘Harsh Country, Hard Times’, the story of O.W. Williams, oil pioneer, who helped discover the Permian Basin.
• 5:00 pm CST – (@katyabee4) Katherine Stokes, Executive Director of West Texas Energy
Consortium spends her days working with public and private sector partnerships to build lasting relationships between the energy industry and industries that support the energy sector. And economic growth in the West Texas region. She advocates for the economic development for her region enhancing education, workforce development, and #STEM education. Growing up in a family of drillers with her dad and five uncles owning drilling corporations; she will discuss her own experience in oil and the natural resources industry.


#TalkTexasOil Press Release




A group of oil and gas experts took to social media to chat live about Texas oil. @rigzone @octgpro #talktexasoil

  1/24/2017 Update: Talk Texas Oil Featured in Rig Zone

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